The AfCFTA has created one of the world's largest free-trade areas presents significant growth opportunities for Swedish companies in manufacturing, 快速消费品, 数字技术, healthare, 和药品.

尽管非洲受到新冠肺炎的负面影响, the free-trade agreement will provide the continent with increased interdependencies in trade and services, allowing for improved co-operation across nations and improving the business operating landscape acrsoss all sectors.

Business 日博备用网站's three offices in 非洲 cover the key regions and mega-cities. 我们的专家团队具有当地知识和专业知识, coupled with understanding of global trends and how these are influencing local practices and 操作.

下载我们的报告, 非洲:一个新的贸易时代开始了 了解整个非洲大陆的见解、分析和机会.



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