Today 新加坡 hosts over 250 Swedish companies – one of the highest numbers in Asia Pacific. Many of these companies have shifted from prudent cost-savings to a sales-driven directive over the course of the year. 但挑战依然存在, such as hiring and retaining qualified staff as well as supply-chain disruptions and regulatory compliance. 不过, half of the 86 participating companies in the survey found the business climate good or very good. The benefits are related to personal safety, physical infrastructure, and legal security.

尽管如此,大多数企业预测未来一年将更加黯淡. 和世界其他地方一样, the possibility of recessionary pressures and high inflation from supply chain disruptions will continue to impact 新加坡. 通货膨胀率预计将达到5%左右, 这是该国历史上记录的最高数字之一. 截至2022年6月, 新加坡央行提高了利率以降低通货膨胀, 影响企业贷款和抵押贷款. 向低收入群体提供一揽子支助, 但目前尚不清楚情况是否会改善.

Good news is that the government is expected to prioritise investment in infrastructure, 食品技术, and green and sustainable solutions—all areas in which Swedish companies are global thought leaders and innovators. 前进, 这将是一个明显的优势, with best practices on innovation and sustainable development in high demand in 新加坡’s market.

Please download the report to fully overview the results and get a detailed analysis. 


The Business Climate Survey is a study authored by 团队日博备用网站 for Swedish companies to understand the opportunities and challenges that they face when doing business in 新加坡.

今年, the survey was sent out to over 200 local executives representing Swedish companies in 新加坡, 其中86个提供了答案. 这些答案是在2022年3月15日至4月22日期间收集的.