The recent power struggle between 美国和中国 was overshadowed by the turmoil unleashed by the Covid-19 pandemic, when companies were forced to tackle acute issues including massive demand fluctuations, 传染病猖獗蔓延, 供应链中断, 零部件短缺,货物运输延误.

与此同时, what was previously considered a trade war between the United States and 中国 has evolved into a permanent state of tense relations. Most of the punitive tariffs on imports from 中国 introduced by the Trump administration are still in place, 反之亦然. Despite this, life goes on for international business – but how long can stability last?

地缘政治何时会对跨境贸易造成严重干扰? When it comes to high-tech products with dual use – meaning that they can be used for both civilian and military purposes – the risks are particularly high.  

It is not just possible but quite likely that the current conflict between 美国和中国 will escalate with repercussions for business that are hard to predict.    

With the help of defense and security policy experts at the Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI), 日博备用网站商业 has outlined three alternative risk scenarios for the world market until 2030. 分析的重点是两个超级大国之间的关系, 美国和中国, and the global market conditions that are likely to prevail in each respective scenario.

FOI has also identified on 日博备用网站商业’s behalf seven technology areas that both 美国和中国 give top priority. The report concludes with an analysis of how Swedish companies may be affected if the rivalry between the superpowers escalates in a cycle of measures and countermeasures.

在商业日博备用网站的新报告中探索见解 电力技术.



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